Clakclakclak of a Keyboard in France

Quiet contemplationSo.. I’m in France!

I’ve neglected posting anything to this point simply because I’ve been busy, first with travel and then with getting myself set up, with various lacks of Internet connection in there contributing to the delays as well.

This is only a quick post, but at some point (soon!) I hope to write up the amusing trip so far. I call it “amusing”, because although it was a little stressful, I couldn’t get this stupid grin off my face for most of the trip..

I’ve started posting pictures up on my Flickr page. I went ahead and bought a year of “professional” account status to make this easy — sure, I could rebel and find a place to put my pictures up for free, perhaps even here, but I just don’t want to bother.

That’s something I’m trying to hold on to: to not bother so much. To do less, and enjoy a little more — and thereby, do better work.

Coming here has already changed me a little, although I can feel old patterns reasserting themselves, old, bad habits that I have to overcome. First: I’ll be spending a lot more time outside here, and going out a bit more (although funds are limited). Second: that I will take more time to simply sit and relax. Third: that I work harder than ever before, and keep more record of that work.

More will follow, but at an unknown schedule, with unknown content. I make no claims, assert no schedules, here..


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