Every Photo Tells even more: “The Morning Sun After The Long Night”

I haven’t got a really good habit for writing. I do it in fits and starts, mostly squirrelling away ideas in the big, hollow shell of a mind that I carry around in my pronounced cranium. What I have written has always been in feverish one-pass sessions, followed by disbelief and loathing on the second day, with occasional edits.

Well, that happened again, at the beginning of this month. Every Photo Tells is a podcast from a friend of mine with the excellent challenge: here’s a picture, now go write something about it. I looked at the picture in the morning of June 1 and, later that night, a ~3K word story appeared.

They’ve just done a reading of it and posted it. I think they did a great job at this dialogue between characters.

Next month: I want to challenge myself to write an actual story, not just an extended dialogue..

This time, I’ve remembered to post the text..

PDF of May’s entry: “CONVERS@ION”

PDF of June’s entry: “The Morning Sun After The Long Night”

What a Convers@ion with me might be like: Every Photo Tells

As suggested in the recent episode of Wandering Out Loud, I can conceive of three types of photograph: those taken to capture a moment, those taken to capture a vision, and those taken to be a photograph.

The latter category often contains things which are inspiring, which can move others to ideas and creations beyond the edges of the photograph. I know this, as it recently happened to me.

The Every Photo Tells podcast and blog takes this idea and runs with it. Each month, they publish a new photograph for inspiration, write a couple of stories about it from the two hosts, and invite others to write stories about them too. They publish around 4 episodes a month – readings of these inspired stories.

Mine just went up!

It’s a story called “Convers@ion” (originally misspelled “Convers@tion” by me.. whoops!), and plays on episode 14 of the podcast. It’s an odd story (do you expect anything less from me? 😉 ), but it was fun to write, and came strangely easily. After the month is out (to give time for the podcast episode to have first run rights), I’ll post the full text of the story here.

Oh: and how could I resist this picture? There are 2 tasty coffees and 2 tasty laptops in it! 😉