SW2017-26: meandering

It is often said that the destination

is less important than the journey.

But it’s probably just as important

to pick interesting destinations, too.

Recommendations: (bonus RPG podcast) All Games Considered; Sound Matters, HowSound, Everything Sounds, Under The Influence, Radiolab, This American Life.

SW2017-24: instigation

To everything, there must be a start,

if it is to exist.

Sometimes, you may not want to do it.

But you have no choice,

if you’re the GM.

Recommendations: Grammar Girl, Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day podcast, The Writer’s Almanac, The Allusionist, GM Word of the Week.

SW2017-23: playmastering

There are things I can teach you about gaming,

and things you must learn on your own.

I don’t know which is which,

so I’ll talk about Atomic Blonde.

Recommendations: Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff, Dragon Talk: The Official D&D Podcast, Seize the GM.

SW2017-22: storytelling

Statistically, there are a gazillion stories.

It’s nice when they are told less than randomly.

Recommendations: The Black Tapes, TANIS, RABBITS, The Sonic Society, Archive 81, The Deep Vault, Welcome to Night Vale, Within The Wires, The Orbiting Human Circus of the Air, Alice Isn’t Dead, The Byron Chronicles