SW2017-29: isolation

It’s not about whether anyone else is around,

but whether I’m around.

And If I’m not around,

it’s better when no else is, either.

Recommendations: Rue Morgue Radio (honorable memory), Pseudopod, The Horror!, Limetown, We’re Alive, Hauntcast, HauntTopic, The Halloween Haunt.

SW2017-28: complexity

Sometimes, I’m desperately in need to

see the big picture.

But most of the time, that’s the wrong view

because it’s filled with everything,

like a crazy modern painting,

with no focus

or centre.

Recommendations: Brainstuff, 60-Second Science, The Infinite Monkey Cage, Spark, Daily Tech News Show, Science Friday (bonus!).

SW2017-27: creation

So long as you keep busy

you are doing something.

But drawing the line

between work and pleasure

sometimes needs help.


Recommendations: Coverville, The World Domination Hour, Music for Programming, Komputer Cast, surgery radio, Dark Horizons, The Clockwork Cabaret, Song Exploder.