Day -3: Snowing

You really should never tempt the universe into demonstrating that it is actually listening to you and responding, because when it does, it is very subtle and manipulative, leaving you with only the impression that it must have heard you, but its response is too subtle to prove..

Day -4: Pretend

Whenever anyone suggest that I should just “be myself”, I’m left with the conundrum:

Which me is “myself”? There are several of “me” in “myself”, like masks that were all made from the same model, but painted differently, sometimes with pieces missing or other transformations. Even taking off that mask reveals another beyond, and another, and another..

In the immortal words of Arnold Schwartznegger (who was indirectly wearing a mask over Philip K Dick): “If I’m not me, who am I?”

Day -7: Teeth

Every day, despite all appearances and statistical certainties, is a new day. Doesn’t it seem important that we explore this chaotic cycle? Shouldn’t we try to make sure we introduce enough aperiodic wobble into our trace through the metaphysical field of time, just to make sure we never actually let historians accurately comment: “If you are not aware of history, you are doomed to repeat it!”