CAFFEEN! playlist for 2015-12-19: “Hearthwarming”

CFN 2015-12-19 coverartThere is a place where Winter is not a drag.

It exists in a virtual space, between your head and your heart.

  • From James Plotkin/ Mark Spybey‘s album A Peripheral Blur, we heard Northern Sleight.
  • We heard the song Iceland by Daniel Lanois which came from the album Flesh And Machine.
  • From the album Quiet City by Pan-American we heard Lights of Little Towns.
  • From the album Lost Voices by Esmerine we heard The Neighbourhoods Rise.
  • From the album The Colours of Life by CFCF we heard Melting the Ice.
  • From The Flowers Of Hell‘s album Aria 51, we heard Warmth of a Christmas Chill.
  • From the album Voltz by Keravel we heard Positivity.
  • We heard the song The Great Upheaval by Kuato which came from the album The Great Upheaval.
  • From The Basement Paintings‘s album Time Lapse City, we heard Time Lapse City.

Listen to: StarPlot!

From time to time, I like to act in audio dramas. (Even more infrequently, I like to write them..) A few years ago (6!) I jumped at the chance to play a role in StarPlot — and had forgotten about it since. (My internal memory is flawed, but the email and file directories remember..)

StarPlot has finally come out! Listen and enjoy! I know I will — I was never given the full script, so this is the first time I get to hear it as well.

BTW: I love doing this stuff! I hope to do a lot more of this (and the scripting thing) sooner rather than later. If you’d like me to lend my voice to your script, just ask!

CAFFEEN! playlist for 2015-08-01: “Dual Existence”

CFN 2015-08-01 coverartHave you ever had the feeling that you were one foot in this world, one foot in another?

Or that you might close your eyes one day and wakeup in an another life?

What if you did, and it was unacceptable?

  • We heard the song Lots of Plants Outside (Bright Edit) by kino-glaz which came from the album Fifty Year Spectacular.
  • We heard Wild Domestic from their self-title album, with the song In A Well Lit Room.
  • We heard the song Swells by Precious Fathers which came from the album Alluvial Fan.
  • We heard Destroy All Dreamers with their song Ghost Guitar in the Shell from the album A Coeur Leger Sommeil Sangiant.
  • We heard Mid Atlantic with their song NoNotReallyNoNeverInFact from the album The Great War.
  • We heard the song Evil Doers by Oceanic which came from the album Origin.
  • We heard the song Everything That Is Tied Down Is Coming Loose by Mid Atlantic which came from the album The Great War.

CAFFEEN! Playlist for 2014-09-27: “Beat Heart”

CFN 2014-09-27 coverartInside the cold, steel exterior might just beat a cold, mechanical heart — or some twisted combination of “natural” and “unnatural” life.


  • Bacterium by Fellirium from the album Cellular Structure.
  • The Knock by Errors from the album Have Some Faith In Magic.
  • Bucephalus Bouncing Ball by Bell Orchestre from the album As Seen Through Windows.
  • Polyrytmi by Carbon Based Lifeforms from the album Interloper.
  • Fafrotskies Part I by Le Pellican Noir from the album Le Silence Tendu Au Dessus De Nos Tetes Comme Un Orage En Suspens.
  • Choppers by Holy Fuck from the album LP.
  • Martin Rev by Maserati from the album Maserati VII.
  • Battle for the Underwater City by Scientists of Sound from the album Wealth and Hellness – EP.


CAFFEEN! Playlist for 2014-08-16: “The Battle Against The Creeps”

CFN 2014-08-16You’ve just rolled up your new character: a warrior, not yet tried in battle. Your Game Master says, “It’s time to prove yourself. Where do you go?”

“I go to the nearest dungeon, and conquer it!” you boast.

After a moment’s thought, and a brief description of walking, you hear the words every player loves: “Roll for initiative!”

The challenge begins..

  • Chasing the spiral by Fellirium from the album Untitled II.
  • Every Creeping Thing That Creeps by Clint Mansell from the album Noah [Music From The Motion Picture].
  • Whitecaps of White Noise I by Tim Hecker from the album Harmony In Ultraviolet.
  • Say by Do Make Say Think from the album Other Truths.
  • Simon Ferocious by Mogwai from the album Rave Tapes.