CAFFEEN! playlist for 2016-10-08: “For M’s, In Memory”

cfn-2016-10-08-coverartPeople pass by us every day,

we only meet a few.

We need to meet a few more.


  • From the album Filaments by Robert Rich we heard Majorana.
  • From the album Generations by Western Skies Motel we heard Myriads.
  • We heard the song Moya by Godspeed You Black Emperor! which came from the album Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada.
  • We heard AES Dana with their song Manifold from the album Manifold.
  • We heard Do Make Say Think with their song Make from the album Other Truths.
  • We heard the song My Country is Winter by Exhaust which came from the album Enregisteur.
  • We heard the song Mourning Dove by The Lazy MK’s which came from the album Where We Bin.

CAFFEEN! 2016-05-21: “A Voidonaut’s Journey”

CFN 2016-05-21 coverartWhen there’s nothing left to explore, what do you do?

Explore the end.

(Of course.)

  • We heard the song Among the Cold Stars by Wialenove which came from the album Liminal Sampler 2010: Ambient.
  • From the album Fields/Hurricanes by Man an Ocean we heard Libre, enfin.
  • We heard the song Red Sky Take Warning by Beef Terminal which came from the album The Grey Knowledge.
  • We heard MONO (Japan) with their song The Battle to Heaven from the album Hymn to the Immortal Wind.
  • We heard Tim Hecker with their song Where Shadows Make Shadows from the album An Imaginary Country.
  • We heard the song Time Is Our Disease by Nadja which came from the album Numbness.

CAFFEEN! 2016-05-14: “Vocaboratory”

CFN 2016-05-14 coverartWe don’t always appreciate that words are not created by the world.

They are created by humans. They are science, they are art, they are whimsy.

They are under our control.

So we can change them.

Dissect them.

Rearrange them as we see fit.

(Destroy them.)

  • From the album Endless Falls by Loscil we heard Estuarine.
  • We heard AeTopus with their song Quietus Est from the album When.
  • From the album Never Were the Way She Was by Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld we heard In the Vespers.
  • From the album The Flowers Of Hell by The Flowers of Hell we heard Opt Out.
  • We heard the song Sintagma by THE TACITS / Post Rock, Instrumental Rock which came from the album Cycle II.
  • From Mid Atlantic‘s album The Great War, we heard Sails/Sales.

CAFFEEN! 2016-05-07: “Other’s Day”

CFN 2016-05-07 coverartThe universe may be infinite, but from our point of view it can be seen a series of beginnings —

— and endings.

When the end of your beginnings come, it is a loss we carry to our own end.

While others celebrate their beginnings, we come to resent the celebrations, because our beginnings are endings now.

  • From the album Features Of Spheres by John Sobocan we heard Ma.
  • We heard the song Comfortable Expectations by Christopher Bissonnette which came from the album Periphery.
  • We heard the song We Drift Like Worried Fire by Godspeed You Black Emperor! which came from the album Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend!.
  • We heard feint from their self-title album, with the song fallen ikon.
  • From the album Blind Windows by Nash The Slash we heard Til Death Do Us Part.
  • From the self-titled album by Shalabi Effect, we heard Mending Holes in a Wooden Heart.