Cappacino! Playlist for 2011-03-12

Another well-sculpted hour to bring from the inside edge of unconsciousness to the screaming boundary of wakefulness..

  • Dark Shadows by The Robert Corbet Orchestra from the album Sci-Fi’s Greatest Hits, Volume 2: The Dark Side.
  • we are malleable, even though they seem to own us by itsnotyouitsme from the album walled gardens.
  • Orage by Destroy All Dreamers from the album A Coeur Leger Sommeil Sangiant.
  • Hindenburg by Town And Country from the album It All Has To Do With It.
  • Elephants by Bell Orchestre from the album As Seen Through Windows.
  • Slow Walkers by Below the Sea from the album Arbres Depayseront Davantage.
  • Drift Away by White Hills from the album Stolen Stars Left for No One.

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