Cappacino! playlist for 2008-02-02

  • Find Your Note by Lou Reed from Hudson River Wind Meditations. Yes, it’s that Lou Reed! Wandering through eMusic I find the most extraordinary things.. According to them, the liner notes from Lou state: “I composed this music for myself as an adjunct to meditation, Tai Chi, bodywork, and as music to play in the background of life — to replace the everyday cacophony with new and ordered sounds of an unpredictable nature.” It just shows how multi-faceted people can be…
  • Inie by Below The Sea from The Loss Of Our Winter. Okay, given today’s weather, perhaps this is a bit of wishful thinking..
  • 200 by Veem from Station. More from this enigmatic group off of the Kikapu net.label.
  • sad dreams, dark trees by bloemfontein from disc 2 of the longer now.

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