Cappacino! playlist for 2008-01-05

  • my face is a city by bloemfontein from disc 1 of the longer now. Mornings are for sleeping in, if possible. This is music to sleep in to; set your alarm clocks to wake on the radio, tune in to CHSR, and relax..
  • O.B.E. by john rose [Myspace] from the cosmogenesis release. I used to listen to Hearts of Space and Echoes all the time when I live at my mom’s house growing up. I can’t hear them from where I live now — too far away from the border to get the radio stations, and never remember to tune in online. The shows are also on at horrendous hours, unfortunately.. So, I’ve tried to recreate a little bit of that in my show, with tracks like this.
  • rites of spring reverb by Set Fire To Flames from the double-CD Telegraphs in Negative/Mouths Trapped in Static. A collection of very eclectic, often harsh pieces, with soft, mellow bits like this. Like life, or chocolate chunk cookies.
  • 100 by Veem from the record Station. Available on the Kikapu net.label. I find net.labels hard to resist. Free, guilt-free music that is often completely out there and often fantastic. This very minimalist piece is a really good example of that.
  • view of life by aurel from the ep thousand lifes. Available on the 2063 net.label. Another net.label band! Fantastic! 😀 No one can ever accuse me of being too mainstream (although I do occasionally play stuff that people might know).
  • The Clean Up by Amon Tobin from the record Chaos Theory.

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