Cappacino! playlist for 2007-12-29

  • the ghostrace by aurel from the thousand lifes ep. a weird, low-key little track. and the band makes me want to type only in lower case. this album can be found among the many, many obscure titles at the 2063 net.label. go grab it — it’s free!
  • in the radiator by bloemfontein from disc 1 of the double-disc the longer now. another lower-case band.. nice warmth for a chilly day.
  • Sister Sleep by Shalabi Effect from the CD The Trial of St-Orange. Finally, some upper case letters! I really like the self-titled double CD Shalabi Effect put out, but it’s taken me a long time to warm up to this one. Years, in fact, since I’ve heard any of it. Revisiting it now, however, I’m not sure why..
  • Shibuya 9 by Taylor Deupree from the CD January. Yes, I realize that we aren’t officially in January when the show first airs, but good music defies temporal limitations! 🙂
  • Part IX by Controlled Bleeding from the release Our Journey’s End. Oddly enough, I have never listened to this album from beginning to end; I tend to listen to tracks at random, or sample the beginning, a few things in the middle, and then the end. I think I’m going to go back and listen to this one, to get the over all theme and mood.

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