CAFFEEN! playlist for 2016-10-08: “For M’s, In Memory”

cfn-2016-10-08-coverartPeople pass by us every day,

we only meet a few.

We need to meet a few more.


  • From the album Filaments by Robert Rich we heard Majorana.
  • From the album Generations by Western Skies Motel we heard Myriads.
  • We heard the song Moya by Godspeed You Black Emperor! which came from the album Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada.
  • We heard AES Dana with their song Manifold from the album Manifold.
  • We heard Do Make Say Think with their song Make from the album Other Truths.
  • We heard the song My Country is Winter by Exhaust which came from the album Enregisteur.
  • We heard the song Mourning Dove by The Lazy MK’s which came from the album Where We Bin.

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