CAFFEEN! playlist for 2015-11-14: “The Best Offense”

CFN 2015-11-14 coverartHow do you win the battle when there isn’t even a war?

How do you consider your opponent when you are likely them?

How do you describe an episode you haven’t heard in a month? 🙂

  • From the album Distant Wind by Mei Han & Randy Raine-Reusch we heard Clouds In an Empty Sky (Clouds).
  • We heard godspeed you! black emperor with their song Asunder, Sweet from the album Asunder, Sweet and Other Distress.
  • We heard the song Descent by Lustmord which came from the album Zoetrope.
  • From the album Endless Falls by Loscil we heard Endless Falls.
  • From the self-title album by Valley Of The Giants, we heard Back To God’s Country.
  • We heard the song Defencelessness Is Their Defence by Oceanic which came from the album Origin.
  • From Russian Circles‘s album Geneva, we heard Geneva.

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