CAFFEEN! playlist for 2015-09-12: “Sure Face Calm Tour”

CFN coverart II seriesYou may think you know the world, but what if that is the inversion?

What if the world you see is actually the mirror image, and the rest of existence is the dream?

  • From Loscil‘s album Coast/ Range/ Arc, we heard Goat Mountain.
  • We heard Rachel Kiyo Iwaasa with her song Gliese 581c from the album Cosmophony.
  • From the album Le Silence Tendu Au Dessus De Nos TĂȘtes Comme Un Orage En Suspens by Le Pellican Noir we heard Fafrotskies Part II Les Épaulettes Du Carouge.
  • From Steven Chesne‘s album Moments From The Life Stories Of Strangers, Pt. 1, we heard Lumiere Du Soleil.
  • From the album Dawn Treader by Chronotope Project we heard Dawn Treader.
  • From Conservators‘s album Air Labyrinth, we heard Zavtra.
  • From the album Dark Jovian by Amon Tobin we heard Adrastea Contact.
  • We heard the song Kodama by Tom Third which came from the album Continuous City.

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