CAFFEEN! playlist for 2015-08-29: “Crowd Serfing”

CFN 2015-08-29 coverartWhat’s in a name? What if a name is really a title, and the person inside is really something else entirely — especially when that person doesn’t exist?

  • From Klaus Schulze‘s album Cyborg, we heard Conph√§ra.
  • From the album Dalmak by Esmerine we heard Yavri Yavri.
  • We heard the song Kalimera by Maserati which came from the album Inventions For The New Season.
  • We heard the song Lady Xoc & Shield Jaguar by Mahogany Frog which came from the album Do5.
  • From The Samuel Jackson Five‘s album Easily Misunderstood, we heard Charlie Foxtrot Queen.
  • From Tom Third‘s album Continuous City, we heard Kodama.

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