CAFFEEN! Playlist for 2015-03-28: “Continuous Humanity-Sourced Reflection (CHSR)”

CFN 20150328-coverartAudio is the most reflective medium we have.

It is warmer than mere text.

It does not get distracted by unimportant visual stimuli.

It is the voice of people, listened to by people.

It is the closest thing to telepathy that we have.

Please support human telepathy.

  • We heard Precious Fathers with their song Swells from the album Alluvial Fan.
  • We heard Valley Of The Giants from their self-title album, with the song Claudia & Klaus.
  • We heard the song The Revolution Will Be Streaming by Saxon Shore which came from the album The Exquisite Death of Saxon Shore.
  • From Caspian‘s album The Four Trees, we heard Crawlspace.
  • We heard the song Youngblood by Russian Circles which came from the album Station.
  • From KUATO‘s album Summer EP, we heard Frances The Mutant.
  • From Blue Man Group‘s album The Complex, we heard Piano Smashed.
  • From the album Inventions For The New Season by Maserati we heard Inventions.

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