CAFFEEN! playlist for 2012-01-07: “1”

I have a rather large music collection to bring to bear to create episodes of CAFFEEN!. Whenever I need to put together an episode, I have to figure out some way to navigate that ever-growing continent of music. Sometimes, I find a theme, or the music itself suggests it to me. Being wordless, it doesn’t have lyrics to guide me..

So, this month’s themes are simply a number: starting at 1 and counting up. The first of this is this episode, entitled, simply: “1”.

  • Call Of The Siren Part One by The Simonsound from the album Reverse Engineering.
  • Music for Twin Peaks Episode #30, Part 1 by Stars of the Lid from the album The Ballasted Orchestra.
  • Win One For The Reaper by Michael Giacchino from the album Lost.
  • South of the Cloud by OneWay (Princess Shook Head after Listening) from the album Rock.
  • Lucifer Rising 1 by Bobby BeauSoleil from the album Lucifer Rising.
  • One Last Glare by Shalabi Effect from the album The Trial of St-Orange.
  • First Attack by Toto from the album Dune.
  • Helicon 1 by Mogwai from the album Ten Rapid.
  • Part I by Controlled Bleeding from the album Our Journey’s End.
  • Touch Of Evil by Jaga Jazzist from the album One-Armed Bandit.

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