CAFFEEN! playlist for 2011-12-31: New Day, New Year

May 2012 see you with more time, more friends and more money than ever before.. Each year I face the question: do I repeat any music, or do I always press forward with new music? Every year, the answer is the same: repeat nothing within the year, but repeat some of what has come before, include some new. This playlist is a perfect example, running from a very old, very new-age album I picked up somewhere in Toronto in the 90s to an album we received at the radio station not more than a month or two ago.

Enjoy the new year, and enjoy the music!


  • No Sign Of Yesterday by One from the album Four September Suns.
  • Daybreak by Bela Fleck from the album Natural Bridge.
  • Lady Sun Part I by Moksha Ensemble from the album Lady Sun.
  • Radiant Blue by Chad Hoefler from the album Quiet Glow.
  • great day by itsnotyouitsme from the album walled gardens.
  • The remains of the day by Mono from the album You Are There.
  • No more bad future by Hangedup from the album Kicker in tow.
  • You, You’re Awesome by Do Make Say Think from the album You, You’re History In Rust.
  • The Birth And Death Of The Day by Explosions In The Sky from the album All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone.
  • At The End Of The Day by Amon Tobin from the album Foley Room.
  • After The Show by The Lazy MK’s from the album Where We Bin.

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