CAFFEEN! 2017-12-23: “Divine Myth”

All stories are true,

in the universe they create.

In our universe,

we borrow them.

  • We heard The Flowers Of Hell with their song Warmth of a Christmas Chill from the album Aria 51.
  • From the album Lost Voices by Esmerine we heard The Neighbourhoods Rise.
  • We heard Do Make Say Think with their song Soul And Onward from the album & Yet & Yet.
  • We heard Forest Swords with their song Exalter from the album Compassion.
  • From Hang Massive‘s album Beats for Your Feet, we heard Once Again.
  • We heard the song Distances by Clouds Become Oceans which came from the album Paths.
  • We heard Oceanic with their song Origin from the album Origin.
  • We heard Com Truise with their song …Of Your Fake Dimension from the album Iteration.
  • We heard Trans Siberian Orchestra with their song Wizards in Winter from the album The Lost Christmas Eve .

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