CAFFEEN! 2017-12-09: “Dynamic Fluid Dynamics”

Everything is ever changing.

Once you realize that,

the idea of permanency is kinda


  • From the album Into the Well by From the Mouth of the Sun we heard Path for Air.
  • From the album How cold is the sun by Dark Matter we heard Obscured by Clouds.
  • We heard the song Clouds In an Empty Sky (Clouds) by Mei Han & Randy Raine-Reusch which came from the album Distant Wind.
  • From the album Beats for Your Feet by Hang Massive we heard From the View.
  • From Daniel Lanois‘s album Flesh And Machine, we heard Aquatic.
  • We heard the song Our Secret Place Under The Lake by Wangled Teb which came from the album Wel come to moo nsi ns dem oons ide.
  • We heard Ex Eye from their self-title album, with the song Form Constant; the Grid.
  • From The Comet Is Coming‘s album Death to the Planet, we heard Start Running.

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