CAFFEEN! 2017-09-16: “Wizard on the Mend”


is a way

to express

our own power,


and semantics

in the world where these things aren’t real.

  • We heard the song Sub Aqua (Left Channel) /Tidal (Centre Channel) /Lunar (Right Channel) by Experimental Audio Research which came from the album Phenomena 256.
  • We heard the song Raise the Dead by The Field which came from the album The Follower.
  • We heard CFCF with their song Imagination from the album The Colours of Life.
  • From Kuato‘s album The Great Upheaval, we heard The Great Upheaval.
  • We heard Battles with their song Bad Trails from the album Mirrored.
  • We heard Dr. Preachenstein with their song (Part Two) I know nothing from the album I know nothing..
  • From the album You Are No One. by An Ant And An Atom we heard Metallergies.
  • From Five Alarm Funk‘s album Sweat, we heard Widowmaker.
  • We heard the song A River Runs Through This City by Esmerine which came from the album Lost Voices.

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