CAFFEEN! 2017-09-02: “Insubstantial Movement”

Sometimes movement means simply standing still,

and allowing your perspective


s h ! f t.

On this show:

  • We heard Civvie with their song Drift from the album Inheritance.
  • From Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld‘s album Never Were the Way She Was, we heard And Still They Move.
  • From the album Energy Mind Consciousness by Mystical Sun we heard Expansions.
  • We heard AES Dana with their song Haze from the album Memory Shell.
  • We heard Alphaxone with their song Distances from the album Altered Dimensions.
  • From the album The Great Upheaval by Kuato we heard Groundwork.
  • We heard Cavern of Anti-Matter with their song Pulsing River Velvet Phase from the album Other Voices 06.
  • From the album Goodbye Melody Mountain by The Samuel Jackson Five we heard How To Evade Your Obsessive Shadow.

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