CAFFEEN! 2016-05-21: “A Voidonaut’s Journey”

CFN 2016-05-21 coverartWhen there’s nothing left to explore, what do you do?

Explore the end.

(Of course.)

  • We heard the song Among the Cold Stars by Wialenove which came from the album Liminal Sampler 2010: Ambient.
  • From the album Fields/Hurricanes by Man an Ocean we heard Libre, enfin.
  • We heard the song Red Sky Take Warning by Beef Terminal which came from the album The Grey Knowledge.
  • We heard MONO (Japan) with their song The Battle to Heaven from the album Hymn to the Immortal Wind.
  • We heard Tim Hecker with their song Where Shadows Make Shadows from the album An Imaginary Country.
  • We heard the song Time Is Our Disease by Nadja which came from the album Numbness.

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