CAFFEEN! 2016-05-14: “Vocaboratory”

CFN 2016-05-14 coverartWe don’t always appreciate that words are not created by the world.

They are created by humans. They are science, they are art, they are whimsy.

They are under our control.

So we can change them.

Dissect them.

Rearrange them as we see fit.

(Destroy them.)

  • From the album Endless Falls by Loscil we heard Estuarine.
  • We heard AeTopus with their song Quietus Est from the album When.
  • From the album Never Were the Way She Was by Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld we heard In the Vespers.
  • From the album The Flowers Of Hell by The Flowers of Hell we heard Opt Out.
  • We heard the song Sintagma by THE TACITS / Post Rock, Instrumental Rock which came from the album Cycle II.
  • From Mid Atlantic‘s album The Great War, we heard Sails/Sales.

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