CAFFEEN! 2016-05-07: “Other’s Day”

CFN 2016-05-07 coverartThe universe may be infinite, but from our point of view it can be seen a series of beginnings —

— and endings.

When the end of your beginnings come, it is a loss we carry to our own end.

While others celebrate their beginnings, we come to resent the celebrations, because our beginnings are endings now.

  • From the album Features Of Spheres by John Sobocan we heard Ma.
  • We heard the song Comfortable Expectations by Christopher Bissonnette which came from the album Periphery.
  • We heard the song We Drift Like Worried Fire by Godspeed You Black Emperor! which came from the album Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend!.
  • We heard feint from their self-title album, with the song fallen ikon.
  • From the album Blind Windows by Nash The Slash we heard Til Death Do Us Part.
  • From the self-titled album by Shalabi Effect, we heard Mending Holes in a Wooden Heart.

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