CAFFEEN! 2016-04-23: “Star Stuff Upgrade”

CFN 2016-04-23 coverartIt is said that we are made of star stuff that suddenly became self-aware.

What if star stuff isn’t the starting point?

What if something better was where something like this began?

  • We heard Time Being with their song Dust of Sorts from the album A Dimension Reflected.
  • We heard the song Gather by AeTopus which came from the album When.
  • We heard Esmerine with their song My Mamma Pinned a Rose on Me from the album Lost Voices.
  • We heard the song Herstory of Glory by Do Make Say Think which came from the album You, You’re History In Rust.
  • From Oceanic‘s album Origin, we heard Origin.
  • We heard Battles with their song Tricentennial from the album La Di Da Di.
  • We heard THE TACITS / Post Rock, Instrumental Rock with their song URNA from the album Cycle II.

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