CAFFEEN! 2016-04-09: “Stuck In The Middle is a Lovely Place To Start”

CFN 2016-04-09 coverartSense in the universe may not come from interpreting it literally, but sometimes by moving askance to sense, and moving around it likely an untrustworthy animal that you’ve just met. Until you toss it a peace offering, you may be a piece of offering..

  • We heard the song Glass Houses (arr. G. Harrison and J. Smith for marimba) – Glass Houses No. 9 by Taktus which came from the album Ann Southam: Glass Houses (Arr. G. Harrison & J. Smith).
  • We heard the song Stereo Electronic Music No.2 by Bulent Arel which came from the album Pioneers Of Electronic Music.
  • From Stars of the Lid/ Jon McCafferty‘s album Per Aspera Ad Astra, we heard Low Level Listening, Part 2.
  • From the album The Dark Side Of The Moog 3 by Pete Namlook and Klaus Schulze we heard Phantom Heart Brother- Part II.
  • From the album Muuixx by Joyfultalk we heard Buschbabies.
  • We heard the song Funambule (Deus pas de Serein) by Esmerine which came from the album Lost Voices.

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