CAFFEEN! 2011-09-24: Fuzz, Fuzz, Boom

Mornings become increasingly difficult to manage for me, as days become shorter and my natural propensity to stay up later kicks in. Some time, this fall, there will come a reckoning, in which I suddenly awake early, in darkness, and the cycle will be complete again, and all will be well…

Until then, experience a morning as I have: quiet, filled with drones and then explosive, mysterious, driving..

  • X by Main from the album Firmament II.
  • Degauss by Exhaust from the album Enregister.
  • The Work of Art in the Age of Cultural Overproduction by Tim Hecker from the album Haunt Me.
  • You’re Mercury by Teeth of the Sea from the album Your Mercury.
  • Weirditude by Ozric Tentacles from the album Strangeitude & Pungent Effulgent.
  • Super Inuit (Studio) [Bonus Track] by Holy Fuck from the album LP.
  • Pirandello Kruger by Solar Fields from the album Mirror’s Edge Original Videogame Score. Loved this game, loved the music.

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