About: the Encaffeinated ONE

the Encaffeinated ONE either descended from the aether derived from the steam of a coffee press, or ascended from mere mortal to caffeine-obsessed demi-mortal. The truth is difficult to determine, and the end effect largely the same..

For several years, this strange being has wrapped his identity around one of his driving passions: coffee. Of course, since he’s also forgetful and non-detail oriented, he’s far from expert. However, he can be found to say, quite in earnest and with great conviction, to quote both him and Dale Cooper: “That’s a damn fine cup of coffee!”

Several years ago, ONE discovered that his voice was suitable for radio, as was his face. The radio program CAFFEEN! was born. Many years later, taking the leap into podcasting, half of CAFFEEN! (at the time entitled EXPRESSO!) became The Weird Show.

I am awakening to the mysteries of the universe, but I still don’t do mornings.