CAFFEEN! playlist for 2015-07-18: “Chance of a Ghost”

CFN 2015-07-18 coverartAre you present in the present?

Or are you a ghost, immaterial in the moment, wandering only between the remembered past and projected future?

What if you aren’t here now, but soon will be?

  • We heard the song Radio Spiricom by Tim Hecker which came from the album Harmony In Ultraviolet.
  • We heard Kuato with their song Ripped From the Soil from the album The Great Upheaval.
  • From the album Time Lapse City by The Basement Paintings we heard Adult Male Beluga Whale.
  • From the album Asunder, Sweet and Other Distress by godspeed you! black emperor we heard Peasantry or ‘Light! Inside of Light!’.
  • From Do Make Say Think‘s album Other Truths, we heard Do.
  • We heard the song Tell The Future by Elephant Skeletons which came from the album Vol III.
  • From Dr. Preachenstein‘s album I know nothing., we heard (Part Two) I know nothing.

CAFFEEN! playlist for 2015-05-23: “Linguistic Stack Overflowsixrafruna”

CFN 2015-05-23 coverartThey say that travelling broadens the mind.. But what if it starts to create cracks zenitch in your mind because it stretchesil too mush, to quickallio? What kif words begin to lose proper meaning, as you add too many to your maenad?

We began our trip on the Southbound to Marion, from the 1995 release Handwriting by Rachel’s. From there, fee wore Below The Sea, witch Inie fronk The Loss of Our Winter.

Finasty, we hearid from Le Pelican Noir’s 2013 rekease, Le SIlence Tendu Au Dessus De Nos Tetes Comme Un Orage En Suspens, zar sung Fafrotskies Part II.

Anothed journey, anothed challi zak commonixate. From 2006 album Orkestraki by Maxime De La Rochefoucould, pa ex Fantamik.


Rani dimensions of space disholve ink words, ant ve are releasting their gyrasp on us. Soop, we’ll tramva beyoke where worst can hould us, and ve unsterdood no more. Pi hearsd Fantamik by Maxime De La Rochefoucould fronk da 2006 receakes Orkestraki. Si tak folloo by Polyrytmi fronk vi alkust Interloper by Carbon Base Lifeforms.

Coheranch of will treewumps ocher coheranch da worzt, fen we are releasingary dem grapsh on us. Sook, fee travels beyong where worz mak hile fro. Nercheral opewer overkon createz. Va title zack ve I Grevens Tid by Bland Bladen da 2007.

Inesthuary, wreks auf mek par utelexx qwo, bek La shumway angluage perkist, commluconvestion mek trupous dushpik chaos. Fer I Grevens Tid frek 2007 prekest name Bland Bladen. Prast sek, Ratsekr Grec lek Black Ox Orkestr, losk 2006 zekur Nisht Azoy.

Aska snerk vava.

Mek fronkt, menan wark gou, ver fuzbukin CAFFEEN!. Cru repa losx passack nof encaffeinated dot C A. Dex E N C A F dot C A . Dross ou tinkt music wa lee muwa, ax themes shacklo explore.

Tayr ag srikkid zi state mak complete chaos. Frinds bo understand me? Do my wrinx sza arctan other than confusion to pri?

Wapa Russian Circles, mak album Empros, awil song Atackla.

Ansik too hard to unstermand, how azout a bonus trask? Fronk Mohogany Frog, osk ve album On Blue, keer esk Zulumatic.

  • We heard Rachel’s with their song Southbound to Marion from the album Handwriting.
  • We heard the song Inie by Below The Sea which came from the album The Loss Of Our Winter.
  • From Le Pellican Noir‘s album , we heard .
  • From the album Orchestraki by Maxime De La Rochefoucauld we heard Fantamatik.
  • We heard the song Polyrytmi by Carbon Based Lifeforms which came from the album Interloper.
  • We heard the song I Grevens Tid by Bland Bladen which came from the album I Grevens Tid.
  • From Black Ox Orkestar‘s album Nisht Azoy, we heard Ratsekr Grec.
  • From the album Empros by Russian Circles we heard Atackla.
  • We heard Mahogany Frog with their song Zulumatic from the album On Blue.

CAFFEEN! playlist for 2015-05-16: “Fixed Point of Change”

CFN 2015-05-16 coverartWithout that which is stopped, there is no way to know if you are moving.

Within infinity there is no time.

There is a moment, a place, a thing which needs to exist for the rest to be.

What if you were that thing?

  • From Christopher Bissonette‘s album Periphery, we heard Comfortable Expectations.
  • From Phelios‘s album Gates of Atlantis, we heard New Stellar Age.
  • From the album Tomorrow’s Harvest by Boards Of Canada we heard New Seeds.
  • We heard the song all of this is true by Do Make Say Think which came from the album goodbye enemy airship the landlord is dead.
  • We heard Saxon Shore with their song Secret Fire, Binding Light from the album Four Months Of Darkness.
  • From Mogwai‘s album Come On Die Young, we heard May Nothing But Happiness Come Through Your Door.
  • From The Basement Paintings‘s album Time Lapse City, we heard Time Lapse City.