CAFFEEN! Playlist for 2014-12-13: “Ocean Eleven’s”

The world is covered in water. Deep water.

CFN 2014-12-13 v2 coverartWhat lies beneath? We think we know, but do we, really?

What if you saw something, a fleeting glimpse, blurry, indistinct, huge, inexplicably menacing, unexplainable?

What if the official story didn’t ring true for you?

  • Moya by Godspeed You Black Emperor! from the album Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada.
  • Estuarine by Loscil from the album Endless Falls.
  • Silent Films by Mid Atlantic from the album The Great War.
  • Gusty Winds May Exist by Wild Domestic from the album Wild Domestic.
  • Defencelessness Is Their Defence by Oceanic from the album Origin.
  • Adult Male Beluga Whale by The Basement Paintings from the album Time Lapse City.


CAFFEEN! Playlist from 2014-12-06: “Impostraphe”

CFN 2014-12-06 coverartDo you ever get the feeling that you are missing something?

That what you thought you read has elements that have been “disappeared”?

Have you ever wondered what happens to letters which have vanished —

— and been replaced by an apostrophe?

Trust me, it gets more sinister.

Join me, and explore the sinister world of that carnivorous punctuation.

It’s ne’er o’er!


  • Entr’acte by The Cinematic Orchestra from the album The Cinematic Orchestra presents In Motion #1.
  • ponta’c by Simon Guibord from the album ASPCT.
  • Le’espalace by Do Make Say Think from the album Do Make Say Think.
  • Pu’er by OneWay from the album (Princess Shook Head after Listening).
  • chet’s dream by Dogon from the album Notdunjusta.
  • Bye M’Friend, Goodbye by Maserati from the album Pyramid of the Sun (Bonus Track Version).


CAFFEEN! Playlist from 2014-11-29: “What Four Quoi”

CFN 2014-11-29 coverartDo you know the reason why?

What is your search?

Can you find what you are looking for, if you aren’t looking for anything?

The map is not the journey, the destination not the goal.

Let the music lead you to someplace.. else..

.. in four minutes or less!



CAFFEEN! Playlist for 2014-11-22: “Broken Thought Mirror”

CFN 2014-11-22 coverartThey say that if you stare into the Abyss, you risk the Abyss staring back at you..

But you stare into mirrors all the time.

And your thoughts are the darkest Mirror..

And distorted.

But sometimes the funhouse reflection is exactly what you need to see.


  • Mosaic by Robert Rich from the album Gaudi.
  • Give your brain a rest from the Matrix by ├śresund Space Collective from the album Give your brain a rest from the Matrix.
  • Universally Known/Already Forgotten by Wild Domestic from the album Wild Domestic.
  • The Great Upheaval by Kuato from the album The Great Upheaval.
  • Aqua Love Ice Cream Delivery Service by Mahogany Frog from the album Senna.



CAFFEEN! Playlist for 2014-11-15: “Bleep Boop Fuzz”

CFN 2014-11-15 coverartReet.

Nako baloop agor whippity whippity florz.

Agortex fizzle funk btoom.