Mark at Market

2015-10-11 WOL cover artWell, the flea market has come and gone. My wares were laid out, there were people milling about, and some sales got done. Here, I reflect a little on what that was like.

WOL: Pre-Flea

Tomorrow morning I get a table at the Fredericton Flea Market and will try selling off some of the accumulated stuff that was found at the house. Here I think about the stuff that I’ve found, the stuff that I have, and the meaning of stuff to me..

Note: while I mention taking a picture of the stuff in the back of the car, I didn’t take one. So just use your imagination until tomorrow..

CAFFEEN! playlist for 2015-09-12: “Sure Face Calm Tour”

CFN coverart II seriesYou may think you know the world, but what if that is the inversion?

What if the world you see is actually the mirror image, and the rest of existence is the dream?

  • From Loscil‘s album Coast/ Range/ Arc, we heard Goat Mountain.
  • We heard Rachel Kiyo Iwaasa with her song Gliese 581c from the album Cosmophony.
  • From the album Le Silence Tendu Au Dessus De Nos Têtes Comme Un Orage En Suspens by Le Pellican Noir we heard Fafrotskies Part II Les Épaulettes Du Carouge.
  • From Steven Chesne‘s album Moments From The Life Stories Of Strangers, Pt. 1, we heard Lumiere Du Soleil.
  • From the album Dawn Treader by Chronotope Project we heard Dawn Treader.
  • From Conservators‘s album Air Labyrinth, we heard Zavtra.
  • From the album Dark Jovian by Amon Tobin we heard Adrastea Contact.
  • We heard the song Kodama by Tom Third which came from the album Continuous City.

CAFFEEN! playlist for 2015-09-05: “Water Born, Water Buried”

CFN 2015-09-05 coverartAll of reality is sometimes poised on the balance of a duality, a tug of water between two diametrically opposed forces, sometimes personified as twins, or lovers.

This is the tale of one such pair.

CAFFEEN! playlist for 2015-08-29: “Crowd Serfing”

CFN 2015-08-29 coverartWhat’s in a name? What if a name is really a title, and the person inside is really something else entirely — especially when that person doesn’t exist?

  • From Klaus Schulze‘s album Cyborg, we heard Conphära.
  • From the album Dalmak by Esmerine we heard Yavri Yavri.
  • We heard the song Kalimera by Maserati which came from the album Inventions For The New Season.
  • We heard the song Lady Xoc & Shield Jaguar by Mahogany Frog which came from the album Do5.
  • From The Samuel Jackson Five‘s album Easily Misunderstood, we heard Charlie Foxtrot Queen.
  • From Tom Third‘s album Continuous City, we heard Kodama.