DDOP 2015 #26: Time Management

DDOP 2015 26 coverartThere are less than 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in every day, less than 7 days a week, less than 52 weeks in a year.

And sometimes, if I listen closely, I can hear them ticking away faster.

So every hour of every day, I want to be doing something.

The only thing is: one of those things I’d like to be doing is nothing.

CAFFEEN! playlist for 2015-08-20: “Mesomorphic Resonance”

CFN 2015-08-22 coverartThere is a filter in your mind.

It tells you “this exists” and “that does not”.

But what happens when the filter is applied to itself, to the thought itself?

It changes..

  • We heard Jena Paradies with their song syrdar from the album Ladoga (lp006).
  • We heard the song T-Tigers & Toasters by Mahogany Frog which came from the album Do5.
  • From the album Platform by Holly Herndon we heard Interference.
  • From the album New Ways: Music From The Documentary I Dream Of Wires by Solvent we heard Quantimations.
  • From Maserati‘s album Maserati VII, we heard Abracadabracab.
  • From the album Summer EP by KUATO we heard Afghanistan Rogers.
  • We heard the song Husworth by Scientists Of Sound which came from the album Electric Scissors.

DDOP 2015 #25: The Poor Technologist

DDOP 2015 25 coverart

It’s not easy keeping pace with technological advancements, so I’ve had to accept that I fall behind – even prefer it, at least until something really shiny evades me..

(Before anyone complains, remember that problems are relative. These may be #firstworldproblems, but they are still #myproblems. By comparison to my peers, I’m poor, especially in a society which has placed so much emphasis on newer technology as a regular part of social and functional life..)

DDOP 2015 #24: Aliens & UFOs: Inevitable, Unavoidable (Despite The Ostriches)

ABwaH, the Alien Buddha with a Hat (A Jayne hat, no less!)

ABwaH, the Alien Buddha with a Hat (A Jayne hat, no less!)

If there’s no life elsewhere in space, we are really screwed. And denying it could possibly exist is futile, so I’d rather meet it head on.


By the way: go listen to the New York Disco Villains, or the Darth Punk video.

DDOP 2015 #23: Conventions, Conferences & the Paradox of Introverts

DDOP 2015 23 coverartA very long day, and I only barely scratch the surface. Also, I may not know what day it is..