CAFFEEN! playlist for 2016-01-30: “Symbolic Systemic Crisis”

CFN 2016-01-16 coverartWhat do you when words fail you?

Declare war on them.

And when that doesn’t work?

Make them bend to your will.

  • We heard Godspeed You Black Emperor! with their song Moya from the album Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada.
  • We heard the song Larus Canus by The Grinding Ear which came from the album Beijing Post-Rock.
  • From the album One-Armed Bandit by Jaga Jazzist we heard Bananfluer Overalt.
  • From the album Acid Mt.Fuji by Susumu Yokota we heard Ao-Oni.
  • We heard Simon Guibord with their song stami from the album ASPCT.
  • From Kuato‘s album Free EP, we heard Al-jazebra.

CAFFEEN! playlist for 2016-01-16: “Being First”

CFN 2016-01-16 coverartWhat comes first?




Or being..

  • We heard the song Brohm Ridge by Loscil which came from the album Coast/ Range/ Arc.
  • From the album The Loss Of Our Winter by Below The Sea we heard Between Stratas.
  • We heard Le Pélican Noir with their song Bee Side from the album Sous tes paupières les plages désertes luminescentes .
  • We heard Hangedup with their song Broken reel from the album Kicker in tow.
  • We heard the song Barn Board Fire by Esmerine which came from the album Dalmak.
  • From the album You, You’re History In Rust by Do Make Say Think we heard Bound To Be That Way.
  • From Kuato‘s album The Great Upheaval, we heard Black Horizon.

CAFFEEN! playlist for 2016-01-02: “It’s a Brave New Year”

CFN 2015-01-02 coverartWhen you start over, it’s just like ending a failure, and success may now exist.

  • We heard the song Nature of Things by Steve Roach which came from the album Dynamic Stillness.
  • We heard Destroy All Dreamers with their song The Sky Was Glorious for a Moment from the album A Coeur Leger Sommeil Sangiant.
  • We heard Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld with their song With the Dark Hug of Time from the album Never Were the Way She Was.
  • From the album New Life by James Bernard we heard Expecting.
  • From the album Electric Scissors by Scientists Of Sound we heard The Brightest Light In The Sky (Is Not A Star At All).
  • From the self-title album by Wild Domestic, we heard Universally Known/Already Forgotten.
  • From Maserati‘s album Inventions For The New Season, we heard Show Me The Season.
  • We heard the song blue by bloemfontein which came from the album the longer now.

CAFFEEN! playlist for 2015-12-19: “Hearthwarming”

CFN 2015-12-19 coverartThere is a place where Winter is not a drag.

It exists in a virtual space, between your head and your heart.

  • From James Plotkin/ Mark Spybey‘s album A Peripheral Blur, we heard Northern Sleight.
  • We heard the song Iceland by Daniel Lanois which came from the album Flesh And Machine.
  • From the album Quiet City by Pan-American we heard Lights of Little Towns.
  • From the album Lost Voices by Esmerine we heard The Neighbourhoods Rise.
  • From the album The Colours of Life by CFCF we heard Melting the Ice.
  • From The Flowers Of Hell‘s album Aria 51, we heard Warmth of a Christmas Chill.
  • From the album Voltz by Keravel we heard Positivity.
  • We heard the song The Great Upheaval by Kuato which came from the album The Great Upheaval.
  • From The Basement Paintings‘s album Time Lapse City, we heard Time Lapse City.